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Although this domain name was originally intended to simply be used for email, I decided to have this holding page, just in case anyone ever searched the domain name. It just has a slideshow of some photographs at the top and a link to the unofficial Bristol Rugby supporters website.

Not My Profile

I have an extraordinary ability: interactively reintermediating state of the art leadership and new-wave teleological narrative.   I facilitate the creation and implementation of transformative growth strategies based on a singular amalgamation of experience plus a deep and abiding exposure to global philosophers and trailing edge praxes. Possessed of common sense combined with strategic brain-thinking, I am a globally recognised thought-leader sitting at the epicentre of a maelstrom of collaboratively interdependent modalities.  As a nurturing mentor I seek to enhance real-world paradigms, credibly transform distributed opportunities and redefine global mindshare.

My Profile

In reality, although some of the things above are true (although expressed in the type of jargon beloved of those organisations and individuals who believe that it creates a certain mystique about them), what I'm really good at is cutting through all that sort of nonsense and getting at the heart of things in a creative and empathetic manner. I've a huge amount of experience in a variety of sectors and in many roles.

If you wish to take advantage of my wide ranging experience, or contact me for any other reason then do please email me.